Over the years, I’ve studied dozens of metaphysical thinkers, authors, writers, and speakers. As I synthesized all of this material, I came to two powerful conclusions:

First, reality is subjective. Second, consciousness is reality.

Once I bridged these two concepts together, I began forming a metaphysical understanding of my own that I now describe as “Reality Upgrade.” I developed this framework because I kept coming back to questions like “so what?” and “how can this stuff actually improve someone’s life?” etc.

So here is a general explanation of “Reality Upgrade” – how it works and why it’s useful…

Reality Upgrade – The Reality Framework

The first layer is to upgrade reality itself. That means changing the way you think about how reality works. This is an ongoing process because the nature of reality has a lot to do with what we think of as our beliefs. Most people go through life just accepting the belief system of objective reality without ever questioning it.

Now, there is a lot of value to the objective belief system – but if you never question it and you never push the boundaries, you end up stuck in a small objective frame that can be very cold, very painful, and very limiting.

Once you engage in that process of upgrading your reality belief system, you immediately see the connection between your thoughts – your consciousness and reality itself. You quickly see that consciousness and reality have a powerful connection and you can upgrade that connection and improve it to experience a richer, fuller life.

And through this process you begin to see who you really are and the amazing power that is within you.

When you really develop this connection, you begin to see that you’re god. That’s the same experience of Jesus, Buddha, LaoTzu, Rumi, Krishna, Dalai Lama, etc. It’s cosmic consciousness. You begin to see that everything is connected and everything is god and you are god.

As Neville Goddard explained: “You are God. You are the ‘I am that I am.’ You are consciousness. You are the creator.”

And as Alan Watts put it: “You don’t look out there for God, something in the sky, you look in you.”

The funny part is, during this process, you move from illusion to reality. What you thought before was “real” now appears as an illusion that you fell for year after year and decade after decade across the span of your life until this point.

It is critical that you recognize the “objective world” (or what some would call “the 3D”) as an illusion. This is the first step towards a complete Reality Upgrade.

Reality Upgrade – The Reality Experience

So now you look around at your life and you ask yourself, what do I really want? You start to question your whole life but in an exciting way because suddenly you realize… you can have ANYTHING. You are god.

Truly your only limitation is your imagination and as Neville tells us, “God is your wonderful human imagination.”

It’s very important during this process to be open to this question about “what do I really want?” but also not to fall for somebody else’s “desire” and mistake that for your own. You have to be very true to yourself and often that will present more questions than answers at first, but that’s ok. Make it a fun process. Make it enjoyable.

If you are drawn to material things, go for material things.

If you are drawn to spiritual things, go for spiritual things.

If you are drawn to both, go for BOTH! Build a powerful connection between both that brings harmony and inspiration AND wealth into your life.

But do not for even one second think that there is something you are “supposed” to go for. And, be careful what you wish for. Build harmony into the things you want – don’t think you have to be tricky about this.

Remember: that’s the old objective world model where you have to sort of cut corners to get what you want. That old objective world model is where you can only win when someone else loses. In this new model, it’s win-win-win all around because there is only one consciousness and that’s YOU. If you win, other people win. If somebody else wins, that’s YOU winning. It’s all you being conscious of success and conscious of winning.

It’s all you.

Why It’s An “Upgrade”

The word “upgrade” can function as either a verb or a noun.

In the verb form, it’s something you’re doing. You are upgrading reality. It’s action and engagement.

In the noun form, it’s something you experience. You have a reality upgrade. It’s something to behold, to enjoy, and to appreciate.

This is a powerful way to think of your own life experience and your own relationship with reality itself. You interact with reality and you are reality.

You can also think of this in technological terms. When you have a software upgrade, you improve the overall experience of the software. You discover new tools that were previously unavailable, and you have all sorts of new ways of interacting with the program.

All of this comes from your own mind. And your mind is the place where you DO the upgrade, HAVE the upgrade, and BE the upgrade.

The exciting part about Reality Upgrade is there are an infinite number of upgrades to enjoy. This is an on-going process and an on-going experience.

Your Upgrade Is Available Now

Here’s the truly exciting part…

Imagine reality is like a hotel with an infinite number of rooms available. So here you are, today, with the room assigned to you – that’s your reality experience now. You can take it or leave it.

All you have to do is walk down to the front desk and have a conversation with the hotel staff and ask for an upgrade. Ask for a better room. Ask for a better life.

In the old objective reality model, you assumed all sorts of limitations about what was possible for the room you’re staying in. But if you simply challenge those beliefs and question them… soon you realize that YOU are the front desk staff and you ALREADY have access to all the rooms you could ever imagine.

The only thing standing between you and a Reality Upgrade is… YOU.

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